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Surprise Par-tay!© November 23, 2007

Posted by sarah in Par-tay.

Surprise Party turned out to be the Western Party! Theres is one free item, which is the bandanas that have returned. It is found at the Plaza.


The new pin is a needle! It is located at the Cove, and its an needle on top of a haybail.


There is two backgrounds, which they are olds one that returned. One is located at the Dock pinned to a cactus. The other one is found at the Forest and pinned to a cactus too.




What your favorite part of the par-tay? I love the music, lol!

Much Love,

P.S. The yellow puffle is now appearing in random levels on the game Puffle Round – up!




1. Mits0 - November 26, 2007

I am Mits0, I work for Dendo Guy’s Penguin Party Zone. I see you have a problem with your viewers saying you copied Dendo Guy’s pictures. I looked through this post’s pictures. They are not the same as Dendo Guy’s. However, I see how your pictures can be misleading because they are saved as the same exact thing as Dendo Guy saved his. I look at the Yellow Puffle in Puffle Round Up picture. I noticed, you saved it as the same exact format as the others. That made me believe you more. Coolgirl, you are safe and just ignore the comments saying you stole from Dendo Guy, you didn’t!


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