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Comments© December 22, 2007

Posted by sarah in Blog News.
 ~ Updated ~
Hey y’all again! Comments are raising now. I have up to 7 comments which isnt that bad, lol. It was great to get Comments from all of you. And thanks for wishing me a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years. It was very nice to do that. What are you doing for Christmas or New Years? But before you answer I think you should read the next paragraph, its about New Years. Hint: Par-tay!
Long ago my penguin Coolgirl was hack and was banned forever, which is sad. But soon, I made a new penguin called Lymsila. If your trying to find me look for Lymsila instead of Coolgirl. I’m a member on Lymsila. And I was thinking mabye we could have a NEWS YEARS BASH PAR-TAY! What do you think?
Hey y’all! I want to talk about Comments.
I don’t get comments at all or feed back from anybody who comes to this Club Penguin blog.  I have only 2 comments. Example, you can say your opinion about the Par-tay and tell how much you like it. And I’ll be sure to respond to you about my opinion about the par-tay.
Another Example, If you want to say a hi, I’ll answer back and say a hi too.
Start commenting..
in 1, 2, 3..


Much Love,

P.S. If you comment anything, it will be moderated. Please no cussing or bad language.
P.S.S 2 more days until Christmas! (I’m adding Christmas Decorations to the Blog)
P.S.S.S This is the last P.S. 😆


1. Roxy123abc/ Surflo - December 22, 2007

I LOVE THE MUSIC! Hey, whats up?

EDITOR’S COMMENT: Thanks! Again Thanks for being the 1st person to comment on here! Hi to you too! Nothing much, how bout’ you?

2. Brianna - December 23, 2007

Hey! OMG Thank you soo much for puting all this info on here. My computer is slow on CP because so many people are on it that I cant find everything. Now i just go to one spot! Mele Kaliki Maka! Merry Xmas in Hawaiian! And a happy new year! Bye!

EDITOR’S COMMENT: Your very welcome! I happy that it helping you. Merry Christmas and a Happy News years too!

3. Surflo - December 23, 2007

Oh im hawaiian, I knew what that mean cause my grandpa send us cards that say that and MERRY CHRISTMAS COOLGIRL! 🙂

EDITOR’S COMMENT: Merry Christmas and a Happy News Year too!

4. surflo - December 25, 2007

LOL ^^*1st comment*^^ Nothing, Same, So whatcha doing for the holiday season Coolgirl/Editor?

EDITOR’S COMMENT: Lol, its midnight right now. For christmas I having a classic or normal christmas w/ my family, as always.

5. Surflo - December 26, 2007


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