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Christmas Eve!© December 24, 2007

Posted by sarah in Holidays.
 ~ Updated ~
Theres 1 new free item that just came out today! Its the Christmas scarf. The scarfs were here December 21 because they accidently released them too early. It located at the Ski Village.
Look who I found when I was getting the Christmas scarf. I found Dendo Guy.
1 more day until Christmas! I can’t wait! What does do you want for Christmas?
As I promised I’ll be adding the decoration today! I have designed my pages with Christmas lights to brighten them up. All my posts will have a little cute divider, like the ones in the pages. Below I have a Santa Claus, lol. With his little reindeer. I don’t think I’ll add some music. All the music is oldies, lol. Well all the Christmas music.
Much Love,


1. Zoey - December 24, 2007

Happy Christmas Eve!
lol 😆
Your lucky that you met Dendo Guy! Are you his friend on Club Penguin?

EDITOR’S COMMENT: Happy Christmas Eve too! Nope, I’m not his friend yet. Lol. Mabye one day I can.

2. Britney - December 25, 2007

I got the Christmas scarf on December 21st. I was lucky to get it.

EDITOR’S COMMENT: Lucky! Your soo lucky, lol. I wanted it before. But now that it came out again, I’m happy 🙂

3. Surflo - December 27, 2007

What did yall get for christmas I got an itouch! And other things!

Merry Christmas
And a happy new year!

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