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Christmas Day!© December 25, 2007

Posted by sarah in Holidays, Newspaper, Par-tay.

Hey y’all! The clock has just strikes midnight. Its Christmas Day! Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to all penguin, young and old!
The newspaper came out today!
After 10 days and many donated coins, Club Penguin time is happy to announce the final result of Coins for Change Donation Project.
Here is how 1 Million Dollars will be Donated:
These percentages are based on donations made by over 2.5 penguins. In total over 2 billion coins were donated. Club Penguin thanks everybody who participated by waddling around and making a difference!
Let good times roll!  With the Christmas Par-tay still in full swing, penguins are set to celebrate all into the New Years. A special addition is planned to go off December 28 and continue to January 2.
Upcoming Events:
December 28 >> Celebrate the New Year
January 2 >> New wig catalog
>> New clothing catalog
>> New pin hidden
January 11 >> New play at the Stage, another theme. But why that soon? 
Merry Christmas,
P.S. What did you get for Christmas? WOW! I got buncha of things. I can’t list them all. However I saw my favorite. I got a gift card to Best Buy (I like to buy video games and cell phone accesories with it), clothes (duh, I loove to shop), and I havent got this gift yet. But my dad said he order it and hasnt came yet. But its a new cell phone! *WOOT!*


1. Apiraa - December 25, 2007

Merry christmas to all
I wish everyone happy holidays and good luck in the new years!


2. Britney - December 25, 2007

Coolgirl, I hope you have a wonderful and great new years and holiday!

EDITOR’S COMMENT: Thanks, dito too!

3. Zoey - December 25, 2007

For Christmas I got a new ipod. Its called iTouch. It really really awesome! Merry Christmas Coolgirl

EDITOR’S COMMENT: Lucky my friend, Surlo really wanted it. I wonder if she got.

4. Zoey - December 25, 2007

I hope your friend, Surflo get it! The decoration look wonderful on your blog.

EDITOR’S COMMENT: Thanks. I hope she does too.

5. Miley - December 25, 2007

Hey, I have a penguin called Miley Cyyyrus. Merry Christmas! Have you soon Miley Cyrus new music video. My name is really Miley. Weird isnt it.

EDITOR’S COMMENT: That weird. Lol. Merry Christmas! I seen Miley Cyrus new music video its cool!

6. Surflo - December 26, 2007

Merrry Christmas Coolgirl! Well i did get the iPod Touch and well me and my dad are trying to get internet on it so it will take a while. Talk to you later!

EDITOR’S COMMENT: Your sooo lucky. It has internet! Wooow, didn’t know that!

7. Angelic1010 - December 26, 2007

I got Uggs the long ones and the color is chest nut, I also got and iPod shuffle and a video game.

EDITOR’S COMMENT: Thats awesome! I haven’t got Uggs yet. The chest nut I seen, its a good color. I got lotsa of Nintendo D.S. games and Wii too.

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