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Friday, December 28© December 28, 2007

Posted by sarah in General, Mysteries.
 ~ Updated ~
Chewit Dude was having a par-tay. I came to join in for the F-U-N! I met ALOT of penguins and made ALOT of friends.
We were playing hockey when I took this picture.
We were all playing Sled Racing, I kept on loosing though, lol..
The New Year Celebration started!, they’re fireworks again! It is a holiday tradition for Club Penguin to set fireworks. It can only be seen on this two locations: the Ski Mountain and the Iceberg! The fireworks come in all different colors. I hope there will be some special features for New Years as in the last year (you could walk on the water in the Iceberg)!
There is a mysteries small chuck of ice floating by when you look in telescope. The telescope is located at the Beacon. My guesses are maybe its Global Warming or the Iceberg can be tipped.
Club Penguin says Coins for Change project was a huge success, which I agree too! Over 2 billion coins were donated and here is the breakdown of how much real money goes to each cause and charitable organization it represents.
  • $394,000 will go to who are sick (The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundations)
  • 330,000 will go to the environment (World Wildlife Fund)
  • 276,000 will go to kids in developing countries (Free the Children)
Club Penguin gives a HUGE thanks everybody who participated by waddling around and making a difference!.
Much Love,


1. Zoey - December 28, 2007

Awesome! My prediction of the small chuck of ice is mabye all the snow will melt away and will melt away for SPRING!

EDITOR’S COMMENT: That may come true! I thought it would mainly reason behind it is New Years or Iceberg tipping because ALOT of penguins been sending CP messages about tipping the Iceberg.

2. Zoey - December 28, 2007

True, that seems very likely to happen!

3. Britney - December 28, 2007

I agree with you Coolgirl about the guesses of the small chuck of ice. I agree it has something to do with the New Years too!

4. Rihanna - December 28, 2007

I just loooove the fireworks! I hope we get the special features added soon. 🙂

5. Surflo - December 29, 2007

Wow! Coolgirl you accually saw CHEWIT! You are sooooo lucky.

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