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Happy New Years!© January 1, 2008

Posted by sarah in General, Holidays.
Hey y’all! Happy New Year to all penguins, young and old. The clock strike midnight! Its officialy New Years day!
I been getting losta of guesses of the mysteries small chunk of ice. I found a new H-I-N-T! I was doing the Puzzle Shuffle in the Newspaper, when I solved it, I saw Rockhopper’s ship coming towards what looks like the small chunk of ice!
 Do you like the new header! I do. Gumdrop18 made it for me, she is very talented! I loove the new header! Thank you very much for the header, Gumdrop18!
I love to get COMMENTS! Lately, I haven’t been getting many. I love to get feedback of what you think, predictions or a little hi on the way.
Much Love,


1. fosters1537 - January 1, 2008

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