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Updates, Updates, Updates!© January 11, 2008

Posted by sarah in General, Missions, Newspaper, Par-tay, Stage.
Hey y’all. Yup, Club Penguin made losta updates.
The heart emote has came back! Club Penguin understand when they removed the heart emote, they heard from even more of about how we were using the heart in great ways, example showing your puffle how much you care for it or showing how much you loved the Coins for Change project. In the end, the decided that they don’t want to punish all of you for something that only few penguins were doing wrong. So, Club Penguin decided to bring back the heart!
The new play rocks the night off! I’m glad Club Penguin realized their mistake of making a terrible play: it seems they have improved everything! Yes, the yellow puffle will always be on the stage due to it characteristics, and its awesome. The new play actually has a bit of violence, but cool nevertheless! It stars two superheroes. Gamma Gal and Shadow Guy versus Squidzoid! It can’t get any better than this: there’s a new switch-box 3000 that controls everything! Explosions, beam, lasers, lights, and even cars, this play is awesome! Its now one of the most popular plays!
What your favorite part of the Stage? I just love the music, lol. I like the switch-box 3000 too.
The newspaper came out yesterday!
Need a break from the winter blues? Then grab your sombreros and get ready to yell “Ole”  because Club Penguin about to get hot, hot, hot! This month this island celebrates one of it most festive tradition: The Winter Fiesta Par-tay! For three days it will be maracas and matadors as penguins dance away the cold. Check out the Par-tay, which hits Club Penguin January 18 and jive to January 20. Dont miss it!
My prediction for the Fiesta Par-tay! I think the small chunk of ice you can see on the Lighthouse teloscrope is relating with this par-tay. It may melt all the snow, so we can have a hot, hot, hot Fiesta Par-tay.
Theres a new mission on its way. Club Penguin was able to give us a sneak peak. Be sure to play the missions you uncompleted because some of them connect with mission 6.
What your prediction of the new mission? My prediction about the new mission is from the picture above it looks like G made a new Crab Translater to see what the crab saw of the polar bear. I think this mission is getting closer to what going to happen to Club Penguin and how mabye the polar bear destroy Club Penguin, oh no!
Much Love,

P.S. That was a looong post, lol!


1. Roxy123abc - January 12, 2008

Where did you get that picture?

EDITOR’S COMMET: Umm, what picture?

2. Roxy123abc - January 16, 2008

Nevermind! I found it!!!

3. 999pingu111 - January 24, 2008

Your posts are awesome!

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