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Winter Fiesta Par-tay!© January 19, 2008

Posted by sarah in Catalogues, Club Penguin, Par-tay.
Hey y’all! The Winter Fiesta Par-tay is back with madness! You’ll find elements Mexican and Spanish culture everywhere you go. Theres is one free item, which is the festive maracas that have returned. It is found at the Night Club.
The new pin is a sombrero! It is located at the Forest, hit the donkey pinata a couple of times to break it open and get the sombrero pin!
The new furniture catalog came out with secrets along too.
Much Love,
P.S. What your favorite part of the par-tay? I just love the music, lol.


1. Roxy123abc - January 20, 2008

Omg i didnt copy you! I would never and I didnt aprove that comment you sent me. Now I cant get on my wordpress, wow! Im sending wordpress an email right now saying that!

EDITOR’S COMMENT: Umm, you cant contact wordpress. Their contact is temporarily close. I didnt aprove that comment, did your brother do it? Which you didnt tell me about his new site. His site is all gone too. Hmm, just call me about it.

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