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Monday, January 21© January 21, 2008

Posted by sarah in Club Penguin, Mission, Par-tay.
Hey y’all! The new mission is here! Mission – your effort in descorving the secret of the fur has not gone unoticed. The PSA is looking for more answers and G needs your help! He’s ready to question the crab.
– talk to G, the machine should blow up, lol.
– follow the crab through rooms. You can talk to the penguins. Finally he should be at the mountain. Go down the mountain (where you went in Mission 3). Look familar?
– follow the crab. Go to the bush and log area and grab the berries from the tree (cut them) and give one to the black puffle.
– throw a berry though the door and he should unlock it. Next you’ll be trapped with a cage.
– let the polar bear monologue and then move over and place a berry on the red lever. Use the puffle ‘O’s and put it on the areas noted below, in that order.
– grab the anchor, rope, hot sauce and the blueprint. Now try to head out and your blocked. Mix the hot sauce with the berries and feed it to the puffle.
– go to the Ski Lodge and the Ice Fishing. NOTE- This is important to do because you can not give him the pizza without going here.
– walk to the Pizza Parlor and order a Seaweed pizza, bring it to the Ski Lodge and then the Ice Fishing and give it to the polar bear.
– whiles he’s eating pull the red lever on the machine. Then he will come back and the machine will do the rest.
 The winter fiesta ended! The winter fiesta par-tay was only for 2 days.
If you like the winter fiesta music, heres the link so you can listen.
Club Penguin Winter Fiesta
I searched on google and found a picture of The Club Penguin Crew. Billybob is in the middle, Gizmo is on the right, Rsnail is on the left.
^^Click to enlarge^^
Much Love,



1. fetex - January 23, 2008

Nice site you almost got 10 000 hits. Hope fully you will soon 😀 . I remember when I got 10 000 hits 😛

2. 999pingu111 - January 24, 2008

Lol I’ve seen that pic of the mods 😀

3. vjonathan7 - January 24, 2008

i did not copy robo. i have had that out the first time. and why would i copy? and he copied me i told robo how to do it, so don’t tell me that i copied someone because i didn’t.

EDITOR’S COMMENT: Huh? I didnt say you copy anyone ..

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