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Mabye the last post… April 21, 2009

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wasn’t really the offial last post, well I’m not offically back on this site, i’m back on a new site called http://www.starduust.wordpress.com, my new name is starduust, for some reason I don’t like the name coolgirl. It sounds i dont know. But, I love stars. Yes, its a Club Penguin weblog, so if you like what you saw here then you see it at my new website, but new & improved, I saw that on this conditioner yesterday, I’m gonna advertise like it did. 


5x of more posting          5x getting info faster and trying to post daily

VISIT NOW @ http://www.starduust.wordpress.com

It will make your hair silky, well not really.. but you get the point. 

Ohh, i forgot the end of the conditioner bottle its says for frizzy, dry hair.. my website is for anyone who intrest in clubpenguin or just wants to view my website to see what its looks like.