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Hi! I’m a purple girl puffle who’s name is Lily. I’m usually always happy and outgoing. My favorite toys is the bubble wand and disco ball. My favorite flower is a Lily, duh! I love to dance and I have to admit I’m a picky eater. I love pie too! It’s mine and Chance favorite food! My brother is OK, he rude, likes to isult and loves to do his evil laugh, weird.
Howdy! My name is Chance who is a green puffle. I’m always energetic and playful! My favorite toy is the Unicycle and the Propellor hat. I don’t have the toy, Unicycle yet. Coolgirl said she would buy it next month if I was super good, lol. I’ll try not to play anymore pranks. My last prank was with water balloons, lol. It was so funny. I love to pie, and to clown around alot, And I love to laugh *evil* and like to insult ALOT.


1. alaafarhoud - June 17, 2009

i love your paflees but its is alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll for member and we can by only a red puffles and blue paffls

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