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Friday, February 14, 2008
Hi! It’s Lily! Happy Valentine’s day! Have you ever heard of pie chocolates, their really good. If you haven’t tried some, you should! I think Chance broke his new Pie Launcher 13,000 that I bought him. It was funny how he broke it. He stuff the machine not with pies but with chocolate pies, which kinda broke the engine. I’ll eventually fix it for him. In other news, Chance got like a billion secret admires, except this one that was signed by a girl name Miley. I have no clue who she is but she sent him losta of pie chocolates. I don’t like anybody. I use to but not anymore. Hmm, I got a couple valentines from my friends and 2 from secret admires, I wonder who it is?
Howdy! It’s Chance. Happy V-day! I didn’t have a Valentine for V-day. I broke my Pie Launcher 13,000. Aww, it was fun. Lily you better fix it. I will, you can at least say please. Wait where that come from. Well in other news. I got alot of Valentine Cards and Secret Admires. I got a girl who said she like me, mabye I’ll date her. She pretty, funny and great to hang out with. Hmm, I don’t know. I show you a picture of her.  
Ahaha, that us on v-day. I was hanging up side down. Isn’t she pretty. I love her smiley. I likely liable to ask her out. Wow, where that big word come from. I look it up in a dictionary. It probably under the e’s l’s because it end starts with a z’s l. Seriously who doing this. I think about it. That’s it, I’m asking her out today! I think she likes pie? I buy who pie flowers and pie chocolates. PERFECT!


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